Need a vacation yet? I sure do!

Hey my friends, How are you handling quarantine? It’s been a few months since we’ve chatted. I’m curious how are you’re all doing. I’ve been enjoying the extra time with my family and catching up on writing. I’ve made new friends, but I’m sure missing my old ones.  My husband and I work at WDW […]

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New Years Not-So-Resolution

I resolve to be a better X by X-date. Never mind, who am I kidding? We can’t resolve to be a better anything because we’re all so rebellious. The moment we say “I’m going to do this by this date…” Our mind instantaneously yells out in exuberance, “No you won’t, you’re going to give up […]

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Shane’s Book Club TV

Shane’s Book Club So, I had the enormous pleasure of doing an author interview yesterday via video chat. Not only did we laugh a lot (on camera and off) the interviewer, Shane Thomas, author and book reviewer really surprised me with some awesome and thought-provoking questions. (Check out his book Distant Origins here) Questions that even […]

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Scifi Roundtable Auction

This is running from January 7th to January 11th 7PM – 8PM If you are looking for an awesome new read, incredible artwork, promotional images and more, you’re going to want to take a look at everything there is to be offered! Sci-fi Roundtable Auction Enjoy Sci-fi or fantasy, or are you an author looking […]

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